Free Yourself From Negative Emotions With Emotional Freedom

Emotional FreedomImagine the feeling of having less emotional disturbance, reduced emotional reactions, improved self-esteem, better emotional health, fewer anxious thoughts, improved social ease, and of course, total wellbeing after all, all these can only sum up to one thing – good health. These and many more is what you get from emotional freedom technique or EFT as it is sometimes called. While this technique is not really new, some persons are still unaware of what the emotional freedom technique tapping solution is.

Emotional freedom technique is a tool employed usually by psychologists and psychiatrists to tackle negative emotions, pains, and some other emotional and even medical conditions. Also referred to as the tapping solution or the tapping technique, this approach can be described as acupuncture except that no needles are used. It works by helping you stimulate well-established energy meridian parts on your body by simply tapping them with your fingertips. It is a quite simple process that can be easily memorized and is so handy it can be done anywhere and anytime. With it does is to release the not so positive emotions and beliefs you have in your conscious and subconscious which are actually the root of most problems and difficulties.

Made popular by Gary Craig, this process can easily be learnt and thanks to the many resources available such as emotional freedom book, interested persons can easily learn and implement the techniques.

Emotional Freedom techniques work for a wide range of conditions from negative emotions to weight loss among others.
Experts agree that negative experiences are stored in the memory of the victim and these negative emotion leads to neurological disturbance that can result in more complex issues like depression, anxiety, phobias, and depression if not tackled quickly and properly.

Basically, negative emotions are as a result of painful experiences from the past that our memories would not let go and when these occurrences are replayed in our minds, the emotions are triggered and as a result, these negative emotions block the energy and it becomes difficult for it to flow freely resulting in all sorts of emotional and physical problems. Thanks to emotional freedom technique, these negative emotions can be effectively managed and the concerned patient can actually be free of these emotions and energy can thus flow freely.

Emotional problems resulting from negative emotions include stress and depression and EFT helps free the body from these emotions by tapping the finger on specific meridian points on the body while concentration remains on the issue at hand. This is unlike the case in traditional acupuncture where needles are used and EFT can be particularly helpful for those with needles for phobia. And EFT is actually not acupressure as it employs tapping the finger to unblock the blocked pathways and the effect can be felt almost immediately.

EFT is not just perfect for the adults, it can also be very helpful with children especially those anger issues. It can also be helpful for bedwetting kids. From trauma to fears, behavioral problems and pains, EFT can be described as the best energy healing solution in recent times. And to know that emotional freedom technique can actually work on animals is simply amazing. When used in surrogate, EFT can work wonders on dogs and other animals. With this technique, you can have your dog that misbehaves stop chewing everything at sight.

For persons wanting emotional freedom from negative emotions, the following segments of emotional freedom technique can help you free you from those negative emotions.

The First Is The Freedom To Be. This helps you realize yourself and frees you from the constraints that restrict you from being what you feel and need what you need.

The Freedom To Explore And Develop Your Sensory Self Is The Second Aspect. This entails the emancipation of the sensory self to allow you see what you see, smell, and taste, hear, touch, and use all your body senses appropriately and positively.

The Freedom To Be Separate And Think For Yourself Is Another Aspect of Emotional Freedom. Self-liberation to help you realize that you have your own thoughts, and to help you think and become a person of your own as opposed to being pushed and influenced by the words and actions of others is what this aspect focuses on.

The Freedom To Create Your Own Identity. This is the next aspect that allows you discover the dynamic being you are and create a place for yourself in the society. This is opposed to you following the words of others and their definition of the world and how it should be.

The Freedom To Establish And Develop Your Own Skills And Values. This aspect that helps in the development of your skills and values. The skills that are actually needed to help you get through life.

The Freedom To Become A Complete Human Being Completes The Emotional Freedom Segments. This involves incorporating your different parts into one whole that functions almost perfectly as an adult.

It should be noted that Emotional Freedom therapy is not magical and should not regarded as such.